Calabria Is the Prefect Lifestyle and Property Investment

Just south of Naples situated at the toe of Italy you will find the gorgeous region of Calabria on the Mediterranean Sea. Calabria property because of low costs, magnificent scenery and the nice relaxed way of life has become a very fashionable location to invest in a vacation home.

With four mountain areas, lakes, waterfalls of extraordinary beauty and many national parks, there is always many things to do, see and discover. Fishing, hiking, and skiing either cross-country or downhill are activities to be enjoyed in the Calabrian Mountains.

It is surrounded by 3 coastlines that offer the most magnificent beaches some of which are quite and relatively undiscovered. Sailing, windsurfing, water sports are all offered here. People from all over the world come to enjoy the beauty found here.

The architecture here is magnificent and a must to see. In nearly all the cities ancient ruins from the Greeks such as temples and tombs can be seen. Visit the numerous seaside towns and stroll along the cobbled streets stopping for a coffee at one of the many quaint cafes.

Old fashion charm waits, as this region has kept its cultural heritage being less developed than most of Italy. The local people are warm, friendly, laid back, fun and traditional.

Cost of living in Calabria is a lot more affordable than one would expect. Retail goods are 25% under the European Union average. For a mere 10 euro two people can enjoy a pizza with a bottle of wine.

This is an excellent time to acquire a property in Calabria, as this region is becoming quite popular and the buyers can benefit from high capital growth potential. If thinking about buying here, you will find there are numerous properties such as villas, homes, flats, condominiums and more currently available. Also because of Calabria property being lower priced by 3 to 4 times than most of Italy you will more than likely get a good return on any investment. Rentals yields in this area for a 2 bedroom apartment in high season can make as much as 1000 Euros a week.

Property in Calabria can be purchased at affordable prices under market value all around the region. Attractively landscaped properties await you in an inviting warm climate. Whether you want to move here or buy a home for your vacations there are many available for you to see. Experts at Experience International have said that Calabria is one of the most attractive places that anyone can invest in Europe and are currently offering inspection tours for only £99 which includes flights; transfer to and from the airport and 4 star accommodation. For additional details please visit

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Calabria Property is a great investment opportunity and Almost all around the world people really wished to own a property in Calabria.

Turkish Golf Tourism Set to Soar

Turkey is currently undergoing preparations to becoming the next European golf tourism hotspot. The present lack of operating courses in comparison to typical golfing destinations such as Spain and Portugal, is soon to be rectified with major expansion plans for Turkey.

The majority of courses currently present in the country are connected to hotels in the Belek area of the Mediterranean coast, with one course also operating in Bodrum. The remaining courses are located in Istanbul.

The tourism council understands the attraction of golf tourism to European visitors and property investors, creating plans to transform the country into a key golfing destination. The Turkish Golf Federation has designed plans for the creation of 100 courses within 4 years, aimed at generating returns of US$1 billion per year.

The holding of the 2010 European Challenge Tour in Belek provides an exciting opportunity for the introduction of golf tourism for Turkey. The tournament is also expected to provide a fantastic experience for Turkish amateurs of the sport and draw mass appeal to the awareness of golf tourism in Turkey.

Although new courses are planned for several areas including Ankara and Istanbul, the touristic appeal of the Aegean and Mediterranean coastlines is expected to continue drawing attention to Turkey’s buy-to-let and investment market. Development of new courses to championship standards will assist in the potential for Turkey to hold major international tournaments in the future.

Currently Turkey has a dozen 18-hole golf courses in the planning stages, ideal for assisting the transformation of the country into a preferred golfing destination. Luxury buy-to-let properties constructed in the vicinity of golf course enable exceptional returns in an already sought-after destination. Owners of properties in preferred locations can expect higher than average yield returns, along with increased potential for short term tenants.

As awareness of golf tourism increases in Turkey, investors are snapping up properties in key locations to ensure the greatest mid to long term capital growth potential. Providing buyers with the products suited to their highest demands is beneficial for increased foreign investment, tourism and overall awareness for future growth and sustainability.

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Property Investing Overseas provide extensive experience dealing with and on behalf of investors throughout the world, offering unbiased information on portfolios and international markets. Our experience within the global property sector enables us a prime position for identifying professional agents and developers, ensuring our clients receive full knowledge prior to entering any property investment purchase with our collaborators.

Choosing Just the Right Overland Park Chiropractor

Millions of patients around the world complain of discomforting back pain caused due to bulging herniated discs. Chronic back pain is something that could come between you and your regular chores thus leading to a lot of frustration and dependent living. Traditionally these issues were solved to an extent using surgery but then again surgery is not the answer to everything as in many cases it might have some serious after effects and limit your range of motion. In the past few decades an amazing non-surgical methodology to get relief from chronic back pain and other joint pains have been developed which goes by the name Chiropractics.

Chiropractic study is based on the function of the nervous system and is primarily focused on the spine and the nerves that pass throughout the body. No drugs or chemicals are used in the treatment and it’s purely based on adjusting the right musculoskeletal area of the body that is of concern. Herniated discs can be caused due to a variety of reasons few amongst which are accidents, stress, tension, over –exertion and so on. However, getting effective treatment leading to positive results depends on the choice of Overland Park chiropractor you choose to consult, eventually.

The right way to find the best chiropractor is to spend some quality time in your research and the most efficient source would be a personal recommendation from a known medical practitioner or a relative who has had assured results for their ailment otherwise, primarily use the Internet to browse through chiropractor profiles to select the right one using the online Kansas City Business Directory is one of the best options. A good and professional chiropractor would have great deal of expertise in not only the exercise requirements but also the nutrition requirements for patients looking for backache or neck pain treatments or any other joint related ailments. Also, it is an added benefit if your Overland park chiropractor is well versed with soft tissue therapy to gain healthy muscle mass and electrical simulation therapy to aid pain management. A good Overland park chiropractor would also provide ample suggestions for specialized treatments at home which may include some hot/cold treatments or a modification of in the furniture in the house.

Ask for an appointment and consult the doctor with your long term goals in mind. After the doctor examines you he/she would chalk out a treatment plan for you and in the meanwhile you must not hesitate to ask any questions pertaining to the pain you experience. Most chiropractors are patient-centered health care professionals and you know for sure that you are in the right “hands” of one such chiropractor in your first session itself.

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The author writes for The Kansas City Business Directory, and dedicates his time and efforts into research and writing about all local Services in the Kansas City metro and Johnson County cities including Overland Park, Olathe, Lenexa and Leawood, KS.

The All Important Real Esate Document

Selling or purchasing a piece of real estate, be it a house, condominium, or an apartment, is probably one of the most important financial transactions a person will conduct in his lifetime. This single purchase is bound to affect the lifestyles of several people for years to come.

Due to the long-term effect a single real estate transaction may have on the buyer and the seller, it is important that all the details pertaining to this transaction be formalized. It is not enough that the dimensions of the land, the purchase price and equipment included in the sale are listed down; the individual obligations of both the seller and the buyer should be itemized as well. All these details should be found in just one document, the Real Estate Sales Agreement.

Legally, a real estate sales agreement is a contract between both the buyer and the seller. This document stipulates all the conditions of the sale, from the technical details of the property, to the chattels that will be thrown in. The agreed upon purchase price should be stated (in words and numerical figures), as well the deposit (earnest money) given, down payment and final remittance. Exact details on how and when the monies will change hands should also be indicated in this document. The real estate sales agreement is considered valid once both parties affix their respective signatures and, should there be a need to include any changes, these should be attached to the main document, as an addendum.

Normally, real estate sales agreements are formulated by real estate agents and / or lawyers. However, a lot of home sellers and home buyers nowadays opt to compose the sales agreements on their own. There are various real estate related websites where one can view, download and even customize all kinds of forms, including the immensely important real estate sales agreement, needed to complete and legalize any real estate transaction.

Online real estate forms can be purchased and downloaded by piece (as needed) or by bulk, the option really depends on the user and payment is also done online, as these sites accept most major credit cards. Once the forms have been downloaded, the contents can be modified and edited to suit and conform to the specific requirements of the user.

In terms of content and format, all the forms found on these real estate websites, most especially the real estate sales agreement, are considered legal and are recognized by local, state and federal agencies. However, even though the developers took great pains to verify the accuracy of their forms, it is still recommended that before the final copy is signed, a rough draft be sent to a lawyer or a real estate agent for their review. Since, the real estate sales agreement is probably the most important of all real estate documents; it is of utmost importance that all the technical information stated is accurate, and that all the necessary conditions and clauses, particularly the terms of payment and possible penalties for non-payment are also clearly outlined.

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Discover how to wholesale property with no money down and no credit

One of the way of real estate investing is wholesaling. Wholesaling in real estate is an entire business in itself and generates super-fast profits, usually without ever acquiring the title on the property. It’s not uncommon to pick up a check at closing, with the seller and buyer present at the same time. Many times I have earned thousands of dollars within two or three days of finding a deal. Successful people in the wholesale property business are accomplished at locating good deals and marketing them – primarily to people who are in the rehabbing and retailing business. The first purchaser is willing to take a smaller, fast profit and leave the larger profit to an investor with the time and money to buy, repair, and sit on the house until it’s sold.

Some wholesalers are making a good income by buying and then reselling immediately only once or twice a month. These wholesaling deals require no money, no credit, and no bosses. Believe me, if you locate a deal, someone is waiting to buy it from you.

Finding bargains for bargain hunters is the easiest and quickest way I know to pick up a check for at least $5000. The whole wholesaling process shouldn’t take more than 15 to 20 days from the beginning to the end. Following are some tips for wholesaling real estate:

▪ Don’t pay too much. Remember, you’re selling to bargain hunters. Leave them plenty of room to make a profit or you won’t find a buyer. That means they should net at least 20 percent of the sales price after all expenses.

▪ Your only exit is to sell for all cash quickly. Make sure your wholesale buyers can get the cash and aren’t relying on bank financing. Don’t allow buyers to learn banks won’t finance junkers at your expense. If a buyer can’t close in 15 days or less, find another buyer.

▪ Use an assignment of contract and let your closing agent collect your fee.

There’s really not that much to learn about wholesaling. It’s an easy real estate business. Many investors are wholesaling one to ten deals a month and netting a decent earning. Some make more on one wholesale property deal than most people make in a year on their job.

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Real estate investor, landlord, owner of the A to Y Buy Houses LLC, and full time mom of 2 boys

Lease to Own Property Investment – Helping People And Making A Bundle Yourself

Have you ever dreamed of helping out people who have hit some problems in their lives, fallen on hard times and just need a little hand to get on in life? If you have also dreamed of making good money and having a comfortable life yourself, then you might want to look at investing in lease to own properties. This is a type of real estate investing in which you purchase real estate properties and then lease them back to people, giving them the option to purchase these properties at a later date. This helps out people, who for some reason cannot currently get mortgage financing.

Real estate, lease to own investing is a great way to help people, while making great money for you. Ordinary renters frequently have little regard for the property that they live in because they have no stake in it. They are only interested in getting their security deposit back. Lease to own tenants, have some stake in their homes, which they hope to own some day. They are therefore much more careful with it. There are fewer problems and less property damage with these kinds of renters. This is helpful because they stay longer, you have less running costs and the property tends to increase in value during their tenancy.

Lease to own properties are often in high demand so you can quickly find tenants. Sometimes, because of divorce, failure to get a mortgage or work transfers, the eventual sale does not go through. This is not a great problem because you can quickly find a new tenant.

Those who lease from you also have many benefits. They make rental payments and a set sum towards their down payment of the property. This allows them to budget and save for their full down payment without consciously thinking about it. They can also make improvements to the home, knowing that they will eventually own it.

Another big benefit that the tenant has is that they get a certain time, often two years, to get their finances in order, improve their credit and save some more money. They are getting closer to the great American dream of owning their own home.

They also get a two-year trial to test out the house, the neighborhood, local schools, their work commute, shopping entertainment etc before they have to commit to buying the house. This is great for you as well, because that excess over the rent is going into your bank account and you get to keep it if they decide not to purchase!

Some real estate investors have a difficult time making the decision as whether to invest in lease to own properties. They feel that they may be taking advantage of other people. In reality it is a service that is a huge help to people going through a rough time in their lives, who have otherwise always made their payments on time. These are good people that just need a little help, they get a lot of advantages, you get a good profit and you both win from the arrangement. Just take a look at real estate investing in lease to own properties – you will surprise that you all benefit.

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Cabo San Lucas Real Estate Foreclosures – Where Are They?

A Cabo San Lucas Real Estate and Financial Crisis Update

Despite the newly lowered property values in the USA, real estate in Cabo is still a great value and a safe buy when compared to similar Southern California coastal communities where values are more affected by job loss due to the economic turn-down.

Mexican & American lenders – didn’t make sub-prime loans on Mexican property so real estate values are less volatile in Mexico vs. the USA. As of summer 2009, bank foreclosures have been rarely heard of in Los Cabos. Cabo appears to be a safe port in the current real estate storm.

A slow-down has occurred, but a crash – is not going to happen. There is still a healthy demand for building lots. Spec and custom homes are still under construction (or breaking ground) from $200,000+ (condos & villas) to homes in the 300k- 4 million range.

There are estate-sized homes on the market up to 20 million dollars but they’re not moving fast (did they ever?) with some having views of the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez.

Some sellers having to sell due to financial problems back home are motivated sellers’ and are seriously negotiating price while some developers have had to cut and run because of slowing sales and demands for repayment of construction loans from their lenders or investors.

Many projects in Mexico are built using private investor or often the buyer’s funds upfront – so one doesn’t often see bank REO projects here.

And Yes! You can own property in Mexico! Just ask me how it’s done.

Here Is The Best Luxury Home Value in Cabo. Half-Price on New Million Dollar Homes. If you’ve been dreaming of living in luxury with a view of the sea, now is your chance, but hurry – there’s only a few left.

This small project came on the market when the crisis hit – the builder wants out. Homes were originally designed to be sold at 1.2 million. Now $599-$749!).

Featuring over 4,000 sq’ of luxury, the homes have Viking appliances, inlaid marble floors, Jacuzzis, 4 bdrms, up to 5 patios & terraces, with views of Lands End, Cabo’s bay, and the Sea of Cortez.
These houses are selling for less than $149 sq’ – an incredible buy!

This kind of quality and view property usually goes for 3 to 4 times as much and is usually found on golf courses – and without the views found here. I doubt you will ever again see this kind of luxury, style and space for the money in Cabo.

One of Cabos’ older elite communities is Pedregal across the bay from Terrazas Las Fuentes described above. Situated on rocky cliffs and mountains high about the sea and Cabo – prices range from $280,000 for a new condo, $750,000 for a older small fixer home in the lower first phase, to many options in the 1-2.5 million dollar range featuring swimming pools, community tennis courts, and great views. The location and views are outstanding.

Check with me for the latest on Pedregal, Cabo or Tourist Corridor golf properties – they’re all in Century 21 Paradise Properties backyard.

If you have any questions just ask. – David

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David Mandich is a Cabo San Lucas based writer and C-21 agent. He has lived in Mexico for over 10 years. He can be contacted at USA Vonage 520 204 1604, local: 624 130-4094, cel. 044 (624)132 8919

Landlord Advice – Make Sure You have a Plan!

This article explains how to be successful at being a landlord. One of the most important things you need to make sure that you do is to have a plan and to make sure that you are clear on how you are going to utilise that plan.

There are two important things to keep in mind when formulating your plan.

1) Do you believe in your plan or is it just wishful thinking?

2) Do you have the resources in place to make sure that you achieve the plan?

It has been proven time and time again that the people that make clear plans and put the resources in place to achieve them are the ones that normally end up being successful.

Without a plan of where they are going, human beings tend to wonder aimlessly and they tend to let life and their immediate environment dictate what will happen to them. This is not a productive way to live your life. You need to be in charge and a plan helps you to take that control and move your life in the direction that it is meant to go.

If you are someone that has had some success at achieving your goals in the past then you should probably just go ahead and set your goals and make sure they challenge you. However, if you have a history of setting high goals and not achieving them you might want to be cautious in your goal setting and make sure you are setting small goals that you are confident you can achieve, rather than goals that are out of your reach.

If you have the ability to harness your mind and believe, then just about any goal is possible. However, because most people have not learned how to do this, it is better for most to start off with having a main goal in mind, but to have lots of little goals to tick off along the way that will eventually bring them to where they want to be.

When you are planning your goals as a property investor, you need to think carefully about what resources you already have at your disposal and how these are going to help you to achieve these goals. You also need to make sure that your plan is workable and you need to write it down.

It is by having a clear plan and by writing it down and ingraining it into you heart and soul that you will be able to stride forward with the confidence to succeed.

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Being clear on your property goals is one of the major things that can distinguish the winners that invest in property, from the also ran’s or losers. check out our property investing guide website all the latest tips and advice on how to be successful as a property investor.

Boulder, Colorado Commercial Real Estate Development

When building a Boulder, Colorado commercial real estate property, the developer is a key component to a successful structure. It is the developer’s responsibility to work with the architect, City Planning Committee, engineers and contractors to make sure all parties are on the same page and up to date. All of these components must come together and adhere to the construction plan to ensure the property is thoroughly built. Once construction is complete, it is the developer’s job to lease and manage the building. As a result, a Boulder, Colorado commercial real estate property needs a developer who is passionate about the business, and goes to great lengths to make sure all parties are communicating effectively.

Bittner Commercial Advisors has hands-on experience in development. We created the master plan for Valmont Industrial Park, a Boulder, Colorado commercial real estate site. After being approached by Sterling Lumber, one of the largest lumber companies in the United States, we sold them the Valmont Industrial Park, which was a former lumber site. Working with Sterling Lumber, we acquired and developed the 8 acre parcel of land for the location of their new facility as well as the potential development of five additional industrial buildings on the site. The plan included egress routes, driveways, sidewalks, utilities (all underground), water sewer tap lines, the design of a 26,000 square foot Sterling lumber building as well as the design for a 14,000 square foot industrial/office building. We worked with the City of Boulder and City Council to have all steps of the construction approved and done properly. Furthermore, we had the building fully leased before the construction was even complete. Within a short period of time the three remaining lots and the building were sold. When you invest your finances in Boulder, Colorado commercial real estate, a knowledgeable construction manager is a key factor to successful building. Because of our primary experience, Bittner Commercial Advisors is a smart place to trust your funds.

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Michael Bittner, owner of Bittner Commercial Advisors, Inc. is an investment partner to some of Boulder’s most successful Commercial Real Estate companies. His professional experience of over twenty years in Boulder, Colorado Commercial Real Estate transactions affords you an easy way to invest and hold Commercial Real Estate as a productive part of your investment portfolio.

Hints On How You Can Invest In Real Estate

The number and variety of investment products that are available today is astounding and to the average investor, attempting to understand which one is right for you can be a tough task. There are varying risks and rewards that accompany each one. One can feel that in order to understand each product requires a university degree, but you can improve your odds of success by doing your homework.

You may have been aware of some investment advisers or institutions talk in regards to having a diversified portfolio. The theory being to hold different types of investments better safeguards your money and maximizes your profits. You can think of it in terms of being a multi-pronged approach to investing. One prong or type of investment could be made up of stocks, bonds, and savings.

The second type of investments are known as commodities. These are goods such as oil, gold and silver. They can bring in very high returns but high returns are accompanied by higher risk. Commodities are usually the territory of the experienced investor who has the ability to closely evaluate the market since they are very volatile.

Tine has shown that real estate has been a great investment but because of its cost it is not available to everyone in traditional ways. For example Toronto residential real estate has an average value of well over $300,000 and commercial properties could be even more. But there are other ways to invest by buying Real Estate Investment Certificates or REITSs.

These are entities that go out and buy property or interests in hotels, office buildings, shopping malls and even mortgages. REITs themselves come in different forms to suit your investment style. Equity REITs are investments in property. The rents that are charged makes then money. To use Toronto as an example again you might have shopping centers with a Wal-mart, Home Depot, Payless shoes etc. that are all leasing space from the property owners. All together these Toronto properties are all generating income from rents for the REIT and its investors. Mortgage REITs, on the other hand, involves investing, or lending, of mortgage funds to property owners or developers. If you don’t know which one you want you can opt to buy a hybrid REIT which is a mix of the two.

Options are a type of real estate investment that is often risky. This is simply a buyer is making what’s known as an “option for consideration”. An offer is put forth on a piece of real estate based on the intention that certain conditions will be fulfilled. During this time the property is taken off of the market in return for a small sum of money as a deposit. This can be risky since the buyer stands to loose their deposit if the conditions are not fulfilled. The reward is that the buyer could attempt to sell their option to a third party and turn a significant profit in a very short time. To accomplish this successfully a buyer must research the market thoroughly.

It can be confusing at times but the more you learn the better off you will be. Long term investing is the key and real estate has proven to be a good vehicle for investors and even with the many As real estate has proven in the past long term investing is the goal and when compared to other forms of investment products, real estate comes with the least amount of risk. And as such it is vital to include it in your investment portfolio.

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Stefan Hyross writes for Lea Barclay, a real estate professional and expert in the Toronto residential real estate market. Feel free visit the website for more information and to search for Toronto properties available for sale and lease.