Determine Your Budget For Your First Flip

You have been pre-approved for a mortgage and you have determined all your monthly expenses for your first real estate purchase. You want to make this purchase a long term flip, two to five years and you are new at this.

You can, and should, determine your budget even before you view your first property to avoid over extending yourself financially.

This is how to determine what your budget will be. Let’s say, as an example, after you have added up all of your monthly expenses, you are able to put away one hundred and fifty dollars per month into your renovation account. Multiply that amount by the number of months you plan on living in that house until you sell it. If that is four years, then you will have a seventy two hundred dollar budget. One hundred and fifty dollars X times 12 months X times four years. This is going to be your renovation budget guideline when looking for a property. You should not alter this unless you are able to put more money into it without taking away from your other expenses.

Now you know exactly what your monthly household expenses are and you know what your renovation budget will be. If you are using an agent to find you a property you can clearly give them the criteria they need to find you the right property for you. Do not exceed this. In time you will find a property that fits your budget.

Never leave yourself house poor. What ever you save on your monthly household expenses should automatically be put into a renovation savings account that you will use to make purchases. You can set up automatic payments into this account from your main bank account where your weekly paycheck is deposited. The main objective is to pay cash for everything and buy everything on sale! If you don’t have the money, don’t buy it.

Never rely on credit to do your renovations. You can get a credit card at your local building supply, but only use it if you have the money in your renovation account to pay it off. I have a credit card at one of the big box stores, and If I use it I pay it off at the end of the month. I earn points, because I have a business account, and I have even received gift cards in the mail from that store because I don’t carry a balance I then turn around and use those gift cards to make more purchases.

In conclusion when purchasing your first home as a renovation purchase below your per-approved mortgage, put money away each pay for renovations, never use credit to buy materials and if you can buy everything on sale. Do not over extend yourself, and you will have smooth stress free renovation.

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Little Ache With Mortgage Rates

Anytime there is some fine news about the economy, there is pressure on mortgage rates to rise. As the joblessness in the economy numbers down, there is found increased pressure on mortgage rates. Also promised tax cuts seem to result in increase in mortgage rates. Moreover, there are so many other out of control factors that affect mortgage rates such as the recent global liquidity and credit crisis.

Mortgage rates are directly and sharply influenced by the official interest rates as set by the Reserve Bank from time to time. When the Reserve Bank announces a change in official rates and in turn, mortgage rates, it influences the total expenditure in the economy. The economy works on a rule that when the demand exceeds the supply, the inflation happens.

In a way you can say that the mortgage rates are used as an effective tool to control inflation as a part of monetary policy. Higher mortgage rates affect borrowers’ buying capacity and reduce the amount of money that consumers are able to spend on goods. Lower mortgage rates mean that people have more to spend on property. Small increases in mortgage rates may be politically risky but are effective means of calming down and stabilizing the economy.

Please note that the term ‘mortgage rates’ refers to ‘nominal mortgage rates’ as nominated in loan contracts, advertising etc. However, the economists talk in terms of ‘real mortgage rates’ that consists of rates by taking into account the effect of inflation. The real mortgage rate comes out by subtracting the inflation rate from nominal mortgage rate.

As a strategy the Reserve Bank definitely uses the device of changing the mortgage rates to balance the economy along with so many other means. Thus, in nutshell, an occasional little ache with mortgage rates may lead to a gigantic gain in the overall economic scheme.

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Things to be Consider while Buying or Renting Property in Delhi

The real estate market of Delhi is growing at fast pace. To own a property in Delhi is a dream of every second individual of India. There are large number of accommodation options are available in Delhi such as house, studio apartment, villa and commercial properties. Real estate Bazaar of Delhi is becoming hot day by day and has shown an incredible growth over the past few years and there has been a sudden increase in property prices of Delhi. Having an own property in Delhi is the matter of pride, any person feel lucky himself, when somebody addresses him as a landowner especially in Delhi, buying house for sale in Delhi and NCR in not an easy affair. You have to mentally prepare yourself when you want to buy property in Delhi or in any other metropolis.

Buying a property in Delhi is a long term investment but to afford the property rates is not possible for every second person. In that case one can go for the house for rent in Delhi. You can choose the house for rent as per your budget and taste and rental value of house is depending upon the location you select. But if we analysis the present scenario of real estate market of Delhi, the house for rent in Delhi is huge in demand relatively to house for sale in Delhi. If we talk in form of statistics then it is predicted that the demand of house for rent in Delhi is around 60% where as the demand of house for sale in Delhi is near about 40%.

Below I am mentioning the few steps which have to be considered while buying house for sale in Delhi or house for rent in Delhi.

Good Surrounded Locality

If you are planning to buy or rent a house in Delhi make sure about the location of the property. Try to choose the locality which is near to hospitals and schools, shopping malls, transportation and airport.

Real Estate Company

If you are intending to prefer the real estate company always considered the right real property investment company when you are going investing in land. A proper guidance and assistance is vital at time of buying or renting house in Delhi.

Budget Management

This is very imperative factor, property investment is a long term affair of money so be careful while choose Property in Delhi especially in the case of buying property. Research the market carefully and try to fetch all the deep information about the property, which you are going to buy.

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Foreclosure Home: Is Now the Time to Invest in Distressed Properties?

Buying a foreclosure home can be like buying a box of chocolates. Some are delicious gems that offer mouthwatering profits, while others leave a bad taste in your wallet. Purchasing foreclosure properties is not nearly as sensational as the late-night infomercials lead you to believe. Before investing your hard earned cash take time to weigh the pros and cons of purchasing distressed properties.

A foreclosure home can be bought through public auctions or directly from the bank. Much depends on where the house is in the foreclosure process. When mortgage lenders initiate foreclosure proceedings properties are placed for sale through public auction. Buyers submit bids and the highest bidder wins. Foreclosed houses are sold “as-is” and the buyer is responsible for rehabbing the home.

One of the biggest drawbacks to purchasing foreclosure homes through auction is that occasionally evicted homeowners still reside in the home. The buyer becomes responsible for evicting squatters. This can be a time-consuming challenge that requires additional outlay of money.

Most real estate experts claim foreclosure properties sold through auctions aren’t good deals. Most houses have a higher loan balance than property value. A large percentage of foreclosure properties require extensive repairs or renovations to return them to their original luster.

When no acceptable bids are placed on properties at auction the house is given back to the bank. At this point, properties receive the label of bank owned or real estate owned (REO) properties. The mortgage lender holds the title and is responsible for eviction and property maintenance until the home is sold.

REO properties typically have a higher price tag than foreclosure homes; however, the house comes with a clean title. Banks negotiate with creditors to remove any attached liens. Although the price is higher, buyers have fewer issues to contend with.

Bank owned homes are sold through individual lenders. Some provide property listings on their websites, while others list properties through local realtors. Regardless of who lists the property, transactions are usually managed through the bank’s loss mitigation department.

When purchasing a foreclosure home through banks, buyers should be prepared to make multiple counter-offers. Just because the property fell into foreclosure does not mean the bank is going to give it away. Banks are in business to make money and want to receive a decent return on their investment.

It is important to obtain comparable sales reports on other homes sold in the area before making an offer on foreclosure houses. The primary purpose of buying foreclosed properties is to purchase them at a significantly reduced price. Buyers should anticipate paying between 10- and 30-percent less for distressed properties.

Buyers should obtain repair estimates before entering their bid on any foreclosure home. Many buyers make the mistake of thinking they will do all the work to save money. It is a good idea to obtain repair cost estimates from a licensed contractor even if planning on making repairs on your own. If you end up having to pay a contractor the cost is already factored in.

A lesser known option of buying foreclosed real estate is to purchase properties through real estate investors. Some investors purchase bank portfolios consisting of dozens of bank owned properties. Since investors buy in bulk they obtain wholesale prices; allowing them to pass part of the savings along to other buyers.

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Shipra Srishti – An assortment of classy family apartments in Indrapuram call @9811824750

Shipra group commences a new development Srishti – An assortment of classy family apartments in Indrapuram. Shipra Srishti proffers a perfect and truly authentic living of elegance & efficiency. It encompasses ultra modern 3 & 4 bedroom spacious and well-presented apartments and penthouses with relaxing and rejuvenating space throughout.
Shipra Srishti is been developed in 12.5 acres area in strategic location Indrapuram. It attributes beautiful landscapes and fresh atmosphere for families and children.
Shipra group has taken care of each and every requirement of families and children in this project. Thus, Srishti is a modern-era residential project equipped with every facility one wants to be around – Club House, fitness centers, yoga and meditation facilities, jogging and cycling trails, exclusively designed swimming pool, spacious party and get together lawns, separate swimming pool for children etc. In addition to this, there are relaxing places, beautifully designed flower gardens, tennis court, porch and lawns which keep environs healthy for living as well as make Srishti, an amazing place to reside.
Comfortable living, Recreation, Fun, Healthy Environment and Conveniences of Residents has been prime focus of project Shipra Srishti, Indrapuram.
The project is positioned at outstanding location; local transports as well as Metro Station are nearby. Delhi/NCR areas are also within easy reach.
Exceptional features of Shipra Srishti:
The apartments possess best make aluminium windows, branded floorings with classy touch, best quality laminated wooden flooring in bedrooms and wonderful fixtures & fittings. Moreover, Modern Modular Kitchen Cabinets, Granite platforms in Kitchen, Furnished Rooms with Wardrobes, Anti-Skid tiles in bathrooms and 24 hrs water supply and power supply facilities are provided.
In Srishti, excellent electronic as well as manual security provisions are considered, for extra safety of families. Open and Covered secured parking facility is also provided.
Shipra Srishti – a recommendable residential development:
Shipra Srishti is highly trusted and recommendable residential project, as it is being developed by a top-notch Shipra Group, which has hands-on experience in each and every arena of Real estate. It ensures you excellent living, superb location, divine environs, multiple facilities at favorable rates
Live Happy, Healthy and Contended is the upright element of Shipra Srishti project. This elite and special 3bhk, 4bhk apartments and penthouses begin @ economical rates of Rs 3300 per sq ft.
Area, Floor Plans & Prices:
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1 3bhk + S 1700 sq ft
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Fix and Flip Loans provide you great property investment chances

Being a new entrant in real estate business, you are supposed to know about the term flipping, and it is actually slang and what you mean by flipping is buying and reselling. I mean if you talk about a manufacturing plant, let’s say they make trailers, you know, like it puts your four wheelers on or whatever the case is. What they are doing is they are actually buying metal and they are turning around and selling metal. What they are doing is improving the metal. So they are buying a piece of metal. So Fix and Flip Loans help in reshaping the old property into a new kind of thing.

Just like the guy who is redesigning the building trailers, which is really just flipping a metal into another shape and design. He is purchasing metal. He is making that metal better and he is reselling it for a profit. So everybody out there is flipping something and so if they are flipping something they are actually dealing in product. When it comes to houses then you need to think of these as products. Houses are actually just a product. You are buying it with fix and flip loans, and you are making it better. You are improving it and you are selling it for a profit and that is how anything works in any type of any industry when it comes to products.

When we talk about Fix and Flip Loans that enable you to acquire and to resell a property hopefully for a profit, which is the whole reason for doing that. So when you are looking for somebody that will give you a flipping loan you are probably going to want a look for a hard money lender or private money lender because those are types of people that actually give you a loan where you can actually flip a property. All you require is to pick up a good property, fix it up, resell it for a profit and that is what is going to happen when it comes to a flipping loan. It is also referred to as rehab and retailing. Rehabbing mean you are fixing a property up to make it possible for retailing. Most flipping loans are actually for people that are going to fix up and sell that property to an end user. Someone is actually going to move into property and live there.

There are some kinds of fix and flip loans which are going to go to other investors and those investors are going to plan on keeping the property and renting it out. So they are going to go to, you know, a rental type investor similar to a long term holding, which also works as well. In some cases you would get a flipping loan so that you could sell the property to another investor that is also known as whole selling. So you may get a flipping loan to purchase a property. You would then sell that property to another investor without improving the property and selling would pay you off so it is really a short term flipping loan.

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Mexico Condos for Sale in Cancun; Role of New Government

Mexico condos for sale in Cancun are a market closely tied to the area’s tourism industry. For this reason it is important for buyers that the state’s new Secretary of Tourism is dedicated to strengthening the hotel sector – a focus which will have benefits for Americans and Canadians enjoying Cancun retirement as well as other expats.

As of mid-April 2011, Juan Carlos Gonzalez is replacing Sara Latife Ruiz in the state government of Quintana Roo (which includes Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Cozumel and Tulum); he has identified his main the task as strengthening promotion and working with the hotel sector.

Both of these points have indirect benefits for those retiring in Cancun. Cancun is currently Mexico’s top tourist destination in terms of numbers of foreign vacationers. This fact has also made Cancun one of Mexico’s leading locations in terms of foreign investment, activities, infrastructure, and conveniences. In more concrete terms, this means there are excellent roads, international stores, large-screen movie theaters, professional golf courses, organized tours of nearby Mayan ruins, eco-parks and, in general, all the features that motivate retirees to invest in Cancun condos for sale and allow them to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle at a low price.

Increasing promotion and strengthening the hotel sector even more will mean that life in Cancun will only become more attractive.

For this reason, it is also important for expats that places like Cancun have political leaders dedicated to supporting and improving tourism in the area.

The governor of the state, Roberto Borge who recently moved into the role after working as mayor of the booming tourist town of Playa del Carmen just down the road from Cancun, made the move to appoint a new Secretary of Tourism for his state with a special focus on these issues. The governor expressed confidence that the new head of tourism for the state would continue to strengthen the work in key projects and in bringing federal resources to the state.

Both the state’s emphasis on these points and the newly strengthened federal emphasis on increasing tourism are promising for the industry, and for the lifestyle retirees can enjoy when living in Cancun.; Mexico’s Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

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Mexico Real Estate NETWORK; “Mexico’s Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely!” Region: Cancun Real Estate by Cyndi Ader, originally from the US, has been living in Cancun, Mexico for 17 years. She is a member of A.M.P.I. (The Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals) and is currently a member of the International Relations Committee. She is also an international affiliate of NAR (National Association of Realtors). She is the owner/broker of Cancun Properties Real Estate and specializes as a buyer’s broker.

The Ahmedabad Real Estate Property Market

The company undertakes all its projects with an end to end approach – from identifying land to final delivery to the customer. It does so using international methods and practices relevant to Indian real estate scenario. Committed to deliver excellence.

It is a well known fact today that Property Ahmedabad is selling like hot cakes. As more and more investors are ready to invest in the metropolitan cities of India and particularly in Ahmedabad and surrounding areas, here is a list of things you need to keep in mind before investing in the property of your choice in Ahmedabad city.

Market Analysis:
First, start the search for your dream home with a study of the real estate market in the city. Do not directly zero in on one locality. There is probably more than one place in the city that suits your needs. So start studying the market. Know the advantages and advantages of each and every area that fits within your budget.

Home Loan Eligibility:
Checking your loan eligibility is the best possible second step in your hunt for the right Real Estate Ahmedabad. There are at least 25 different lending institutions that will be willing you offer you a loan. Be sure to check which lending institution can give you the best interest rates and repayment options. Some banks may have a high initial processing charge but a considerable low interest rate. Work out to see what is cheaper for you in the long run and shortlist a couple of options.

Documentation Verification:
If you are not too experienced in real estate, it is probably a good idea to take the help of a practicing lawyer to help you check the potential property documents. This will give you peace of mind in the long run, and you will not have to run into property related troubles.

Zero In On The Location:
Once you know your loan eligibility, you will now have a rough idea about how much you can afford on the property. It is however entirely up to you whether you want to use your fully buying potential on the property you are about to buy. This completely depends on what your motive on buying the Property Ahmedabad. Now, depending on your motive and your loan eligibility, visit a few properties that fit within your budget and interest framework and finalize on the property of your choice. For investment purposes, Greenaura in the suburbs of Ahmedabad are great options.

There are probably more things that you might want to consider although these are the most important among all others. Once you get to know from the lawyer that the property has a clear title and there are no litigation, act fast in order to close in on the deal. That’s it, you now made a wise decision!

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While Lenders Contribute to Housing Undersupply, a Buyers Agent Can Help Their Clients Profit!

According to the Housing Industry Association (HIA), the demand for Australian housing exceeds supply by approximately 40,000 each year. As real estate Buyers Agents AND for those of us who have studied basic economics, when demand exceeds supply, prices increase. This adds further pressure for house prices to increase which in turn reduces the level of affordability.

Property industry professionals understand and accept that lenders are now under more scrutiny than ever before – with new lending legislation (Credit Code) introduced recently, not to mention the Global Financial Crisis (GFC).

However there is an irony here – especially when you consider this country’s desperate need for housing. On the one hand it is absolutely essential that Australia continues to regulate its finance industry to ensure we never end up in a situation similar to America. On the other hand, the tighter the lending market becomes, the more desperate our housing shortage.

By way of example, according to a recent survey by the Master Builders Association of Victoria, there is an undersupply of 29,000 homes in Victoria with 5,000 too few homes being built each year. If this continues and you are interested in where Victoria will be in 10 years (the average time it takes for property to double in value), it’s a pretty simple equation: 29,000 + (5,000 x 10 years) = 79,000…that’s a 79,000 housing shortage in Victoria alone.

According to Executive Director of the MBA Victoria Brian Welch, the MBA survey clearly showed the impact of tighter lending practices.

An opportunity to profit:
So the question is…how can property investors profit from the housing undersupply?
The answer to this question gets back to basic economics – when demand exceeds supply, prices increase.

The world’s greatest investor Warren Buffet advocates not following the crowd, ie doing the opposite to the majority. In terms of the property market, right now is a buyers market and smart investors are getting into the market, while not so smart investors (the majority) are sitting on their hands.

So cutting to the chase, now is the time to be buying property in Australia BUT with one very big caveat…do your research AND if you’re unsure as to what you’re doing, hire professionals to help.

Even those of us who do this for a living (as professional buyers agents), surround ourselves with a team of professionals including lawyers, accountants, building/pest inspectors, mortgage brokers, quantity surveyors, etc.

Let’s face it, buying real estate is the most significant purchase most Australians will ever make. If you make a mistake, the penalty is both very costly and long-term. So it pays to get it right and this is where a real estate Buyers Agent can help!

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Is This Property Going to be Profitable?

When looking at a property for rental investment, you have to pick and choose carefully to get the best value out of it.燭o aid you in your search for a profitable property, you must study the type and location of the properties you wish to buy carefully and calculate whether they will actually net you a profit in rent.

Visit similar properties that are for rent and take note of their state of repair, number and kind of amenities and the price asked for rent.燭hen keep tabs on how long they are on the market for.營f a property takes several months to get rented, the rent is too high.營f a property rents in days or weeks, the price is likely a bit low.燬ince you don’t want a long vacancy, it is wise to go for a rent that is moderate.燜or argument’s sake, say the median rent for your single-family home is $1000.

Out of this $1000, you will need to pay the mortgage, the taxes, the insurance, the maintenance and the repairs for your property.燳ou are going to have to set some money aside to cover large repairs and maintenance.燳ou are also going to have to put money aside for vacancies.燭he expenses must still be paid, even if there isn’t a renter living in your home.燚espite stringent screening, you may have to deal with renters who abuse the home or refuse to pay rent.燭hese are risks you must prepare for financially.

You need to buy a home for a price that will give you some breathing room between the expenses and the profit.營f a home is nice in every way, but is priced too high and the owner won’t go lower, do not buy it; the extra few hundred dollars a month in mortgage will eat your profits.營f the home is not available for a reasonable price, go elsewhere.

Even if your property is netting you $12000 a year, you may not be able to make more than $50-100 a month in pure profit.燭his is where you have to be smart about rentals.燡ust because you are not pocketing more than a tenth of your income from the home, you are building equity in a resource that you can rent out over time for more money, while still paying the same amount in a mortgage.?p>Being a landlord is a business with many challenges, but it has its rewards in an ever-appreciating asset that is making you money and increasing in value, year by year.?

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