Phuket property: Recession buster – under 125,000 dollars

Yesterday I went to see an apartment near Kamala on the West Coast of Phuket. The owner needs a quick sale, so the price is pretty good.

He bought it back in 2003 for 4,000,000 Baht (US$ 127,632).

And spent 800,000 Baht (US$ 25,526) on furniture.

Now he is asking just 3,900,000 Baht (US$ 124,441).

All the furniture is included too.

What is it like?

The apartment has 115m2 of living space.

Inside is an open plan living room with a large fully-fitted kitchen and 3 en-suite bedrooms.

Outside there is a small garden and a private terrace.

It’s on the ground-floor which, according to a rental company who handle the resort, is the most popular.

Where is it?

The property is just outside Kamala on the West Coast of Phuket.

It’s a 2.2km drive to the beach, town and restaurants.

What about the development?

The complex is surrounded by virgin rainforest.

There are 45 apartments in 7 buildings, set within landscaped gardens.

You have a choice of 4 swimming pools; 2 lap pools (25 metres and 20 metres), a large family pool and a kid’s pool.

Management is provided by a top international company.

They take care of the common areas, pools, gardens, and security.

Is it a good investment?

I spoke to a local company who manage 22 of the 45 apartments.

They told me the average rental yield is 300,000 Baht per year – after all taxes and fees.

And they have the last 4 years accounts to prove it.

So you can check this for yourself.

That makes your rental yield around 7.69% nett – after all taxes and fees.

Remember, that is the average.

With this apartment you are likely to make more because the ground-floor is the most popular.


Ownership is leasehold with 24 years left to run.

After that, you are entitled to two, 30 year extensions.

A total of 84 years.

Running costs

Annual common area maintenance fees are 110,000 Baht (US$ 3,563).

That pays for the upkeep of the gardens, pool maintenance, common area lighting and security.

Electricity charges average 1,500 Baht (US$ 49) per month.

Water bills are a meagre 200 Baht (US$ 6.50) a month.

If you want to know more just drop me an email ( and I will send you everything you need (no obligation of course).

About the Author

Rebecca Smith is a real estate journalist and author with over 15 years’ experience. She has published several books to date:

‘The Definitive Guide to buying property in Phuket’“>

’10 simple ways to slash your marketing costs and sell more property’

Rebecca is currently the sales director for Ocean Villas Group and Phuket Ocean Villas.

How to make money quickly with real estate

In order to make money quickly with real estate you need to make sure you are following a proven system. For most people spending the few hundred dollars on a complete proven system is completely out of the question and there for they will never learn the right way to invest in real estate.
The first thing you need to realize is that in order to make money quickly you need to find great deals that you can fix and sell in a very short time frame. The biggest money maker in recent years was called “Flipping a house” which simply was buying a house at a discounted price in order to fix it up and sell it very quickly. The great thing about this method is it still works and works very well. The only thing you have to do in order to get into this business is to find a house that needs some work done to it and buy it at the right price. Then you need to figure out how much money you need to spend on the house to get it looking brand new and then figure out what you can sell it for. If you have a decent sized profit then you will want to make an offer on the house and lock it up.
The first rule I ever learned about buying real estate is to make sure you aren’t buying and selling out of emotions and that you need to keep your personal opinion and taste to yourself because putting personal feelings into real estate will often cause you to either overpay or undersell. “The money is made when you purchase the house, not when you sell it”, this is something I learned very quickly and the reason it is true is because as long as you buy the house at the right price you will make money quickly.
Just remember these couple things when it comes to making money quickly in real estate.

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Adam Snyder is also a frequent flyer and has devoted a lot of time to tell people about how to get extremely cheap airline tickets.

Does Your Home Say “Buy Me?”

So, you have decided to put your house up for sale in the market. Your house has been appraised and you have set your asking price and listed it with your real estate agent of choice. You wait anxiously for prospective purchasers to view your property and make an offer. Several months have passed and in spite of your optimism, not one offer has been received. Your agent isn’t as forthcoming as she should be with feedback but the one phrase you have heard her say repeatedly is that your house just doesn’t show well. But, what does this really mean?

Owners are often so proud of their home, which has been their favourite retreat for years, that they assume that others would be just as excited about its layout, décor and fittings. But, in order for buyers to see a house as a must have, they need to envision themselves living there. This can be extremely difficult if your property is too personalized, too cluttered or not renovated to standard.

Especially if still occupied by the owner, a house may have too many mementos and customized touches that may distract a buyer from seeing its true potential. Clutter makes a house seem smaller and disorganized. Furthermore, fix those leaky faucets, paint that stained wall and replace the broken tiles.

Many people wrongly assume that simply dusting, vacuuming and mopping will make their house sell. You need to prepare your house for sale after you have cleaned, painted and made minor changes.

Staging is presenting your home in the most attractive light which appeals to the majority of buyers. The fundamentals of staging a property for sale include depleting it of most personalized effects, neutralizing the décor so it appeals to all tastes, arranging furniture to maximize space, cleaning it until it sparkles and repairing any areas of the house that need attention. You can make your house look bigger, brighter, warmer and attractive by home staging.

Staging isn’t difficult and doesn’t have to be expensive. However, owners often find it challenging to be objective when they love their home just as it is. Have your agent schedule a viewing of a comparable property which is well staged, so that you can see how to make your house rise to the occasion.

Staging can not only help to sell your house faster but it can help you get closer to your asking price. Just as a job hunter will dress for success, so you want your house to look its best.

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Dubai villa prices stable, apartments decline: Asteco

The Dubai property market was steady again for quality buildings in established locations for the third consecutive quarter of 2011.
Sales prices and rents for villas were stable with only minor declines for apartment rents and sales prices of 1 and 4% respectively, while the office market witnessed slight declines of 3% for sales and leasing, according to the latest Q3 2011 report from Asteco, a UAE property management company.
“In actual fact this is the third consecutive quarter that quality buildings in established locations have experienced steady sales prices and rental rates” said Elaine Jones, CEO, Asteco Property Management.
Sales prices and rental rates for villas remained constant due to a lower number of sales transactions and rental relocations over the summer months, a period when traditionally many families take annual holidays, which this year also coincided with Ramadan.
Although sales prices for apartments were stable in sought after locations such as the Palm Jumeirah, Jumeirah Beach Residence and Dubai International Financial Centre, properties in Discovery Gardens experienced a 10% drop.
This was the result of individual landlords selling at reduced rates after being unable to attract tenants to cover their mortgage payments.
“Nakheel released a significant number of units at reduced rental rates in Discovery Gardens, which, coupled with the high service charges, forced some owners to sell at a reduced price,” added Jones.
Overall rentals remained relatively stable over the summer months with only the aforementioned Discovery Gardens as well as International City and Jumeirah Lakes Towers experiencing minor declines of 2% due to high volumes of supply.
Quality buildings in established developments however continue to hold their value as demand both from newcomers and ‘local’ relocations has been rising.
“Whether this increased demand has any stamina will depend on micro and macro economic developments. Confidence in the Dubai property market could be severely tested if the threat of a global double-dip recession materialises, although fears of that happening have eased with a better than anticipated September US jobs report,” added Jones.
In general the office market was steady, with only Business Bay and Tecom C witnessing declines in sales and leasing rates due to subdued demand and increasing supply.
Two existing trends that became even more pronounced during the third quarter were the rapidly declining demand for shell and core office space with tenants demanding fitted space and proximity to Dubai Metro stations being high on the list of tenant requirements.

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Asteco Property Services focuses on providing Property Management, Sales, Leasing, Investment and a host of other services including consultancy and valuation.

Real Estate Investing- The Secret To Success

Investing in the current real estate market can be a difficult task. It is true that there is a massive amount of homes on the market that can be picked up at a bargain, but this means that there is a good bit of competition out there for them. Also, for the investor who flips the house, getting the home sold is more difficult than ever before due to the tightening of credit standards in the mortgage market.

A successful real estate investor needs a number of tools, including a solid Denver real estate agent, a good mortgage broker, good relationships with foreclosure attorneys and good connections with appraisers, home inspectors and title companies. Putting all this together involves developing personal relationships and that takes time. Done individually, it could take years to develop these contacts. A successful real estate investor needs a secret weapon to truly stand out. With that in mind, a successful real estate investor should join their local real estate investor association(REIA).

An active REIA can give a real estate investor the connections overnight that it would otherwise have taken years to develop. REIAs include a cross section of the entire real estate industry, including reputable real estate brokers, mortgage brokers and banks, appraisers, title companies, attorneys, home and pest inspectors, other investors and more.
An investor can use the resources of a good REIA to:

• Get leads on foreclosed homes and be prepared to bid on them
• Get market reports, neighborhood analysis, and comparable sales information
• Get expedited title work and closing services
• Get quality and reliable home inspection and pest inspection services
• Get quality buyers when flipping a property

In short, being a member of an active REIA is like having a turnkey marketing plan on demand. In addition, being a member of an REIA gives a real estate investor the opportunity to learn from other successful investors in the market area. Many will pick up knowledge from veteran investors that they would otherwise have taken years to learn or would have to learn the hard way through costly mistakes.

The majority of associations will meet on a monthly basis and will have a specific agenda including market reports, guest speakers, tips on how to buy, remodel or sell certain types of properties and more. By being a member of an active REIA, a real estate investor can rapidly expand his or her sphere of influence to include every useful aspect of the local and regional real estate market. Many investors have found that by joining a good REIA, they have streamlined their business plan and have dramatically increased their business volume and profitability. All it takes is developing relationships with others in the industry and that is what the REIA provides the framework for.

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Urban Synergy Realty is a prominent name in Thornton Real Estate, with agents specializing in working with both buyers and sellers of real estate throughout the Denver area. Visit for details about their services, property listings, and information about their service areas, like Denver Real Estate.

Virginia Beach Real Estate

It is very interesting to note that most of the billionaires of our age made their money from real estate. This is a fact that parades itself before all of us but very few people will take the hint and start investing .?/p>

To this end, in case you are looking to make your mark in the world, then you will be very wise to start investing in property. This is mainly because there are numerous advantages you stand to gain from such an investment.

For starters, you can be certain that it is not as expensive as it seems to procure Virginia Beach real estate. There are many financiers who will only be too willing to loan you the money you will need. Therefore, go out of your way and take advantage of this fact.

Long Term Plan

It is highly recommended that you first take a loan to procure your own home as part of Virginia Beach real estate. This will give you the chance to repay the loan in time by reselling your home after a couple of renovations so that it fetches you a higher price. The money you get can then be used to invest in more up market properties.

Along the same lines, there are numerous varieties of property in VA Beach. You can buy houses, residential buildings, condos, flats or even business enterprises. Whatever your choice is, when it comes to Virginia Beach real estate, just rest assured that you will get more money out of it.

This is because Virginia Beach real estate tends to have the highest return on investment you will come across. The buildings in the area are in very high demand. Everyone wants in meaning that you will have an easier time selling of your real estate at a price that is way higher than the price at which you bought it.

Therefore, your VA Beach property will earn you more money. The extra money can then be invested in more investments in the area. In fact, those who are able to play their cards right soon land upon the realization that they can actually live a lavish lifestyle with the income so earned. This simply means that you should not take your investment in these properties as a joke.

However, there are a number of things you need to note about real estate Virginia Beach. For starters, advertisement will help you raise the value of the properties you procure. Therefore, as you undertake to build or renovate the property, start advertising well in advance. This will raise the demand for the real estate. Therefore, in the long run you will get more money from the investment.

Finally, location is very important. Do not procure Virginia Beach real estate that is located away from highways or the main shopping centers. Neither should you even agree to review those that are not near the beach. The location of the property will have a large bearing on its overall value.


About the Author

See the latest listings for beautiful oceanfront homes in the Virginia Beach area by clicking here !

How Winning Real Estate Investors Avoid Fear

“Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears.” Les Brown

As I write this article the headlines in the paper are screaming bad news. Oil is up to $147, then down to $115, war in Afghanistan, Russia, your backyard wherever threatens us.

America slips into a recession, or a depression if you’re feeling especially gloomy. The U.S. housing market is so bad that bankers in Detroit can barely give a house a way for a dollar- then when they finally do, half of the derelict property has been stolen; metals melted down for money, wood burned for fuel…

One of the scariest things I see people doing these days is sitting on their money, frozen in fear. Afraid to lose their fragile nest egg by making a bad investment all the while it erodes away, slipping into the hungry mouth of inflation.

The best thing to do in today’s market is to learn how to take advantage of it. Not everyone around you is losing money and if they are – run far away from them. Get online and search for an investment book that focuses on the fundamentals of investing. You don’t need to buy an expensive kit or attend a $10,000 seminar. You must surround yourself with a knowledgeable team and follow a proven system.

The most important key to investing in real estate now is to target your area and invest where the economic fundamentals are strong. Buy for cash flow in a city with a strong future and hold for the long term. Find someone who has a proven track record of investing in real estate and ask them for Real Estate investing tips and also how they do use it. Listen, write it down and do it.

Other options include investing with Joint Venture Partners and investing in REITs. Often teaming up with a company or individual who knows the market can leverage your time and knowledge further, faster. Always do your due diligence on the person and the properties.

For detailed strategies of how to buy investment real estate, how to find the right property and choose the right area, visit and go to ‘About Us – Media Coverage’ to read the How To Articles.

#2 Essential Step – Get Into Action

Many folks get stuck before they start in the analysis-paralysis stage. Don’t let that person be you. No one ever bought a property they didn’t make an offer on! Most importantly set a time to get into action, i.e. within the next 60 days, after reading 2 books and contacting 2 investment professionals etc. Set a time and DO IT! There are a million coulda, woulda shouldas out there that spend their time pontificating about the market or why things won’t work out. Shut out these negatrons or risk being pulled out by the tide of mediocrity. Start implementing those Real Estate investing tips.

#3 Crucial Follow Up – Make a plan and work it!

Make your plan and work back from it. First a 5 year plan, then break it down to 1 Year, then 1 month and then one day – today. These are your baby steps towards running.

Every supposed failure holds a success within it, as long as you learn from it. The better educated you are, the easier it is to identify potential risks and take advantage of opportunities and by doing that you’ll lead a happier and more relaxed life.

About the Author

Todd Millar – President of Glenn Simon Inc. has highlighted the benefits of investing in Edmonton, Alberta real estate since 2002 and is an expert in Oil Sands Real Estate. Millar contributes his strategies for building successful joint venture partnerships in REIN materials, authors a bimonthly newsletter, is featured in best selling author Don Campbell’s ’51 Success Stories from Canadian Real Estate Investors’ book and has many client success stories to his credit. Millar shares his insights speaking at investment seminars and workshops in Canada and Japan, and is available for interview. If you’d like to get more facts and learn exactly how to buy investment real estate in Alberta and the city of Edmonton, please email with the subject line
“Special Investor’s Report” for your complimentary copy.
Start implementing those Real Estate investing tips.

What is Lenders Mortgage Insurance? – LMI

It is important that borrowers are aware that lenders mortgage insurance does not provide any protection to them. Lender’s Mortgage Insurance insures the lender, not the borrower. LMI insures the lender for any short fall on a home loan, so if you were sold up because of defaults, it covers the difference between what your property is sold for and the amount still owing. If a mortgage insurance provider declines to issue the insurance for a loan, the lender will not proceed with the application.

If you have a 100% home loan you will almost certainly pay lender’s mortgage insurance. Most Low Document Loans and Non Conforming Loans require LMI when you have a deposit of less than 40%. Gnerally, your lender chooses your LMI provider. Mortgage insurance is arranged by the lender, not the borrower, although the borrower pays for it. Most banks & lenders have their preferred mortgage insurance provider. You would typically like to choose one over the other to suit your borrowing situation. It is very important to discuss this decision with your mortgage broker.

On fully verified 100% loans, dependent on the lender and the risk, mortgage insurance can cost up to 3% of the amount you are borrowing. Up to 95% loans, the amount would typically be up to 1.2% – 1.5% of the loan amount. As you get closer to 80% home loans, the cost usually discounts substantially. If you have 20% or more deposit and all other factors are in line, mortgage insurance is generally not charged.

Borrowers need to be aware that lender’s mortgage insurance attracts a stamp duty tax which varies among states and territories and is dependent on the location of the security property. Where a loan is bundled with two or more properties located in different states, the premium is apportioned to the relevant state on a security value basis. The stamp duty is then be calculated on the premium apportioned to each state at the rate applicable.

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Max is a Mortgage Broker who has specialized in no deposit home loans for over 5 years.

Hard Money Lenders Work for Your Prosperity in Real Estate World

Most of human beings keep on moving in a direction that they are normally used to, and they are afraid of little or bigger deviations. We are not subject to looking for things that are all NEW and may be very promising for us. If you keep on looking for opportunities then you can reach at some places where things are all easy and great working for you. For example you can take the example of Real Estate Investment as an opportunity for everyone but hardly few people know about this. Here are Hard Money Lenders who keep on providing financial assistance as well as coaching and consulting for all new entrants in this field.

Things are quite different in the domains of property sale and purchase and everyone has some sort of business opportunities in this domain. The concept of applying for mortgage to any bank or other conventional lenders has also been vanished due to quicker and easiest ways of loan approval by these Hard Money Lenders, and prosperity has knocked at so many doors owing credit to them. You have no reason to worry about your running out finances if you are dealing with these private or hard money lenders. They don’t look at the past and present details of your income earning sources, and they don’t even want down payments as a method of security for them. They look at what you are dealing and the property proposal for loan is most important in this way.

Hard Money Lenders have set a trend of asking only about the kind of property under your consideration. They want a confirmation as if you are able to earn PROFIT out of it. If the answer is YES then they would take no time in giving out loan funds. You may be surprised at their mechanism as how it is possible to know the future of a property. Well! They have usually hired independent and professional evaluator for that purpose. These guys are experienced persons with knowledge of market and what kinds of trends are followed by general buyers. They would evaluate the suburbs of the property as it plays a key factor in determining the future price of any property. They have a habit of checking all the external and internal realities of any property like houses in general.

Well! Most of Hard Money Lenders emphasize on their borrowers to get into residential property business as it is paying profit at an earlier time. Most of evaluators give their feedback in one or two days and then the loan sanction process takes place even in 24 hours. There is logic behind dealing in residential properties as it fall in short sales property investment. It means that houses and especially single family dwelling sell out at much earlier time then the bigger houses and commercial properties. So, it would always be a safer and wiser sort of investment, and especially in the earlier days of your real estate investor’s career.

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I’m Veronika and I work for Do Hard Money. We provide short term hard money loans to Real Estate Investors. For information about Getting funds please contact:
Hard Money Lenders
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What Are The Key Features Of Ten Museum Park?

Holding its own against the distinguished high rises in Miami, Ten Museum Park is a unique building with crystalline architecture facing Biscayne Bay. As the crystal reflects the ultramarine of Biscayne Bay, it becomes immediately visible against the azure sky, rising up majestically.

This new address in South Florida is a luxurious condo building with an abundance of luxury. The features of Ten Museum Park exceed any expectations. So, when you enter the property, be ready to be surprised.

1. It is the only property to have a luxury spa by Clinique. The pleasure garden by the same company is a sight for sore eyes. The spa has been divided into various pavilions to offer treatments from massages for firming, relaxing and aromatherapy.

2. The park also has 24-hour concierge and security services for its residents and guests. The security extends to the parking that has been offered to the residents. Valet parking is also available.

3. A big feature of Ten Museum Park is the Bay facing outdoor café and the gourmet restaurant that has been built in an area of over 10,000 sq.ft. There is nothing more peaceful that the luxury yachts bobbing on the ocean while you have your meals. Bring your guests to the restaurant of the bar and lounge for entertainment. You will not be disappointed by the ambience or the service.

4. The residents have complementary access to various popular clubs and travel destinations all over the world. Wherever you travel, your residency at Ten Museum park will open VIP doors at select places to give you the comfort and luxury of home.

5. The condos are a work of art with their modern kitchen and the luxury fittings. Each of the residences have touch panels from where you can communicate for utilizing the multitude of services provided to the residents.

6. The building is very close to Miami’s International airport and you can reach there in approximately 10 minutes. It is also close to the shops at Lincoln Roan, Ocean Drive and the city of Coral Gables.

Other features include swimming pools, exquisite interiors of the condos and many more features. The amenities and features of Ten Museum Park will obliterate any memory that you have of the outside world. Welcome to a world of luxuries and comfort.

John Sandberg of Sandberg Properties is passionate about Miami and Miami Beach. John Sandberg has recently been recognized as the Number One Producing Single agent in the powerful Keller Williams, Miami Beach office.

Miami is a cosmopolitan city beloved by residents and envied by tourists, known as the Gateway of the Americas for its proximity to Central and South America.

Recognized worldwide for its alluring beaches, nightlife, architecture (Art Deco), commerce, sea port and many other attractions, this is The World’s elite playground.

With a deep experience on Wall Street, John Sandberg brings a unique perspective to the sale of luxury real estate. His database of high end customers is well suited for the specific market of Miami and Miami Beach. Sandberg Properties is committed to Integrity, Market Knowledge, and Highest End Personal Service.

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